Planting/Gardening during the pandemic

Planting/Gardening during the pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has taken a massive toll on the welfare, happiness and safety of millions and built unmatched concerns. We have started to live in times where we face a new challenge each day. An uncountable number have lost their jobs, families have migrated unwillingly. There has been a shortage of food and basic supplies. COVID 19 has affected all sectors. In such situations, we need ground-breaking solutions to help lower our anxiety and stress. Through this article Green Hub Landscaping is going to help you with a couple of techniques to stay calm during these ambiguous times.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), social distancing is directly associated with a higher incidence of frustration, boredom, loneliness, anxiety etc. In spite of all these factors, social distancing has become a necessary evil that has to be followed to remain safe.

Planting & gardening during these times, is a wonderful solution to recuperate from the effects of isolation and boredom. Many experiments have shown the positive impacts of contact with green, such as lowering anxiety, feeling of joy, enhancing healing from surgery, practicing physical activities, mental health, among other benefits.

A few benefits of gardening and planting include:

Improved air condition – Plants are organic air disinfectants, taking air pollution and carbon dioxide in and emitting oxygen in return. This helps in the overall physical and mental health keeping one away from chemicals and exposure to pollutants.

Exercising around greens – Gardening & Planting is not only a fun leisure activity or hobby but it keeps you active along with all the other perks it offers. And the best part is, that you will be dealing with someone who is not biased towards you. Plants love you. Yes, they really do!

A Harvard Medical School study found that just half an hour of gardening activities can burn 135 calories or more while helping to develop motor skills and overall strength. The last thing someone wants during this time is a visit to a doctor or a hospital. Fresh air and regular exercise are a couple of things that can help make sure you stay safe, healthy, and happy. At Green Hub we have experienced gardeners who can help you create and cultivate a pleasant environment around you and your loved ones.

In this perspective, the exercise of interests such as gardening, cultivation, crafting and acquiring floral arrangements and considering housing gardens can be important for health maintenance and healing. The people-plant interaction provides strength through interaction with nature by developing the look and feel of environments.

You need not be an experienced gardener. All you need is a bit of a research, planning and most importantly dedication. The process of gardening and planting is so fulfilling, that it gives you a feeling of accomplishment along with the feeling of joy and pride to be connected with nature.