Lush green walls give life to many archetypical buildings in urban cities. These vertical gardens are self-sustaining and can be attached to the exterior or interior of a building. Green Hub specializes in both, living, artificial walls, and moss walls. Each of them has its own perks. Natural green walls beautify a space but also aid cleaner air and keep the surroundings cooler naturally. They are built with an internal watering system with pipes that spreads across the landscape to the greens stay evergreen. 

The artificial green walls on the other hand have exceptional design and quality. The natural-looking flora is supreme and cost-effective that can be installed in any space. It is crafted with elegance in a way that it embodies a natural living green wall and is aesthetically beautiful. 

A moss wall is sometimes synonymously known as a green wall. The major difference being moss walls are constructed with real preserved moss. A moss wall consists of dormant moss that is preserved using a natural paraffin or glycerin process. It isn't dead nor living. Moss walls retain their lush look with zero maintenance; they do not need soil, substrate, any kind of watering or misting (except for the occasional dusting using compressed air). They are a hassle-free one-time development with no maintenance costs. 




Key Features/Highlights

Our experts can customize your wall as per your desire. From the three take your pick and choose what suits you right!

  Supreme landscapes that radiate positivity
  Makes a space greener and healthier 
 Easily installed