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Years of experience, help us provide a range of landscaping services that fit the idea of a perfect space but are unique enough to stand out from the rest. Our portfolio consists of eclectic options such as indoor and outdoor landscaping, green walls, moss walls, turfs, swimming pools, gardens, and recreational areas. The dream is to promote a sustainable, healthy, and refreshing environment that is the need of the hour!


About Greenhub

Founded a couple of years ago, Green Hub is a landscaping and plant maintenance company that offers products and services based on consumer needs and demand. A one stop shop for customers, Green Hub has its head office based in Dubai, UAE, however they also have clientele across India, Pakistan, and GCC. After working in the landscaping domain for almost a decade, the creators of Green Hub believed that they can achieve more creative control and focus as entrepreneurs, thereby turning each clients creativity into existence. 


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    Why Choose Us?

    We are proud to say that our years of experience make us provide the most efficient and effective services.
    Ownership Customer focus
    All our services are begun and continued keeping you in mind. We are mindful of your needs at every given point.
    Any project is a two-way street and to ensure a win-win. We listen to you and then pitch our ideas.
    Our passion galore is what makes us bring the best to you.
    With Green Hub, rest assured the final output is nothing but excellent.

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